"wichealth.org saves time, improves results and allows clients to learn on their terms, and be in control, which is what Millennial Mom’s today prefer."

- Stan Bien, Michigan WIC Director

our solutions

Online Nutrition Ed

Our online, stage-based nutrition education system.

Health eKitchen

A recipe-based resource and video library for WIC foods.

Peer Counselor Tracker

Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.

online nutrition ed 

wichealth.org is a unique form of nutrition education for WIC clients that is stage-based and client-centered. Parents and caregivers who complete an online nutrition lesson receive a certificate of completion that can be counted for nutrition education at local WIC agencies. It's not just a website, it's so much more.

the human experience

We believe that technology can be an extension of the human experience, if it is appropriately utilized. And that's what we do with wichealth.org. We incorporate virtual educators, spanning a variety of ethnicities, who dialogue with your client. Our educators ask questions, provide positive feedback, and guide clients through their online learning experience. They bring back to the online world the ever-valuable human connection. Do your clients speak Spanish? Not a problem. We have Spanish-speaking educators to fill your needs as well.  

Personalized and tailored

Say goodbye to canned education. In addition to wichealth.org's tailoring of dialogue and educational resources to each client's stage of change, WIC states can choose to further customize the client centered nutrition dialogue and educational links, lessons, survey questions, and user profile items to better suit their WIC clients' needs. This flexibility allows each user experience to be unique and meaningful. Clients from Alaska, California, and North Carolina all have different lifestyles and their online education should reflect as much. On wichealth.org, the dialogue feels like an actual conversation instead of just text on a page, making the resources delivered feel like they have been personally handpicked.  

Library of dynamic and interactive resources

With 45 different lessons and over 1,200 nutrition education resources including videos, interactive tools, powerful testimonials, in-depth articles, and quick downloadable lists, WIC your clients will find something that peaks their interest, fits their learning style, and keeps them engaged. And it doesn't stop there: clients can save any number of resources to their favorites list and revisit them anytime they want. They can also share any link via email, facebook or twitter, effectively expanding the delivery and potential impact of nutrition education across your state.  

Testing some contentInteractive Tool


Testing some contentRecipe

Interactive Tool


Certificate of completion: email it, print it or automatically upload it to your state system

You choose. Clients can print off their certificates of completion and bring them into their local WIC office, email them directly to a specified address, or have the certificate data transferred using out QuickConnect feature to your WIC state computer system. Every certificate is saved to the user's profile, allowing clients to view and email them at a later date. Each certificate also includes an action item from the client that describes what they plan to do with what was learned. This action should be the starting point during the next clinic visit. 

Follow up impact

We don't believe in "one off" education, but rather than behavior change is a continuous process. Central to wichealth.org is our impact feature, which provides the ability to determine longer-term impact of an educational experience the next time the client visits the site. The client returns to wichealth.org and they are greeted with a follow up to the action they previously identified as their focus, completing the educational cycle.