wichealth.org is proud to announce the inclusion of two new lessons based on Dr. Jane Heinig's Secrets of Baby Behaviors work at UC Davis. These innovative lessons, guided by a video host virtual educator, provide information on baby behavior. Video clips developed by the California Baby Behavior Campaign Work Group are incorporated into this interactive education experience. Both of the lessons below will be available in English and Spanish beginning October 1, 2012.

Understanding Your Newborn Baby's Behavior
This lesson, geared towards pregnant women, explains how babies sleep, explains why a newborn baby needs to wake up often, and provides tips for sleepy parents.

Baby Behavior: Understanding Cues
In this lesson, parents learn how to recognize and respond to their baby’s cues. This is the first lesson we've developed that uses images as rollovers (as opposed to just text). Imagery is used to show what cues a baby uses to let a parent or caregiver know she/he is hungry, full, or tired; needs something to be different; or wants to be near her/his parent or caregiver.