On June 8, 2012 wichealth.org reached a major milestone. The 1,000,000th client lesson was completed by a participant associated with a local WIC clinic in Michigan. The client, agency, and state were recognized for this event. One million lessons in just 10 years. At present pace, wichealth.org is expected to reach the next million mark in a little over 2.3 years. "This is a really exciting accomplishment," said Director Bob Bensley. "To reach a 1,000,000 clients in any environment, especially one associated with behavior change, is an accomplishment few projects ever reach." Originally developed in partnership with the six Midwest region states, wichealth.org is now being used in agencies located in 19 states across the country. Many agencies use the program as their primary form of secondary nutrition education contact. According to Jason Rivas, Creative and Technical Director for the project, "Our state partners have been extremely supportive in pursuing our visions. We truly have a unique working relationship with our funders." wichealth.org is based on the eHealth Behavior Management Model developed by Bensley, and uses unique tailoring techniques to provide individualized behavior change education to WIC clients across numerous parent-child feeding behaviors. Starting its 11th year, wichealth.org has consistently been found to be highly successful among WIC clients, especially in terms of impacting client beliefs associated with their likelihood to enhance parent-child feeding behaviors.

1000000th client