stephanie bess"Health eKitchen recipes is a great way for our clients to find new ways to use their food benefits for preparing delicious meals for their families."

- Stephanie Bess, Illinois Nutrition Services Coordinator

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Our online, stage-based nutrition education system.

Health eKitchen

A recipe-based resource and video library for WIC foods.

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Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.

health eKitchen recipes

We all need variety in what and how we eat. And the best way to get that is through new ideas for using the same old foods to prepare nutritious meals and snacks that are appealing to our family. That's why we built Health eKitchen Recipe Finder, a recipe and video library that provides ongoing ideas, education and support associated with shopping, preparing, cooking and storing an extensive array of WIC approved foods.

It's more than just a bunch of recipes and videos

Health eKitchen Recipes is a curated library. It's a storage vehicle of the best WIC approved recipes and videos that focus on various aspects of food preparation and use. Sure, a client can go to the web and try and find a recipe that might work for the family. But is it nutritious? Does it capitalize on WIC approved foods already in their pantry? Clients told us their #1 interest is in finding recipes that will work. We listened. 

It's designed to utilize food benefits to their fullest

We have scoured the web and sought out input from our partner WIC clinics and have brought together the best collection of recipes and videos available that address all WIC food benefits. What to do with fruits? How to prepare a dish with whole grains? What to do with tuna to make it something kids will eat? It's all there.

It's a way to continue moving toward active behavior change

We know 40% of our users are return visitors. That means they are coming back to the site to learn more. Not because they have to or because they receive additional food benefits. They come back because they want to. And the Health eKitchen Recipes is available right on their dashboard.