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Online Nutrition Ed

Our online, stage-based nutrition education system.

Health eKitchen

A recipe-based resource and video library for WIC foods.

Peer Counselor Tracker

Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.


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So, what's the cost?

Your annual cost is based on the size of your state. Why? Because no two states are the same. We start at a per client cost with a minimum threshold depending on state size, plus a one-time setup and training fee. That's it. Your clients are then free to complete as many lessons they desire and as often as they like. Bonus: that price also includes our newly reformatted Health eKitchen tool. 


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There must be a catch.

There is no catch. wichealth.org is a non-profit venture and that means every dollar received goes right back into improving the site. We only charge what we need to in order to provide your clients with a great experience.


What else is available?

We have other services available, including state tailoring of the “WIC food benefits” lesson and our QuickConnect MIS system real-time data transfer feature. Interested in our Peer Counselor Tracker? If so, contact us for pricing.


Let's get started.

Participation begins with an annual contract. That contract provides clients with access to our nutrition education lessons and WIC staff access to our extensive support website. 



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