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- Stan Bien, Michigan WIC Director

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Behavior Change: A Stage-Based Approach

At the core of wichealth is the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM), otherwise known as the Stages of Change Theory. This theory suggests that change is a process, not a one-time event. And the process extends across multiple stages, with each stage defining how ready someone is to change their problem behavior. The behavioral mindset someone has within each of the five stages is succinctly described below.

  • Pre-contemplation – not ready to change
  • Contemplation – thinking about changing
  • Preparation – ready to change
  • Action – started changing
  • Maintenance – successfully changed long-term 

In order to move WIC clients forward toward the active stages, certain strategies and techniques should be used. The TTM refers to these as the Processes of Change, which are briefly defined for each stage in the figure below.

By incorporating the Stages of Change Theory along with the supporting Processes of Change, wichealth is able to tailor each WIC client’s nutrition education experience by providing the most relevant and useful information for that client’s particular needs.

A number of additional theories and models help form the foundation of wichealth, but the TTM serves as the hub around which all others extend, making it the largest wheel that drives the system.

Figure 1. The Steps to Change and the strategies to move forward (click to enlarge) Figure 1. The Steps to Change and the strategies to move forward (click to enlarge)